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How We’re Different

What Separates Us From The Competition

We bring you the power of choice.

We work as an unbiased and independent firm who seeks the most appropriate credit facility for your clients and the clients of our financial partners. Vérité has created and cultivated a group of unique and complimentary lenders who understand the needs of our high-net-worth clientele and, as a result, have worked efficiently and effectively with our team.

Based on our long-standing relationship with these lenders, we offer the market a fluid system where we will:

  • Analyze the needs of the client
  • Locate the most appropriate and financially responsible outlet for financing
  • Implement the credit facility, and ultimately,
  • Service and monitor the loan on an on-going basis to ensure the plan set in place meets the evolving needs of our clientele.

Each of these services are performed with the goal of building a mutually beneficial relationship where Vérité will demonstrate the values of integrity, a pro-active service mentality and expertise in the field. These values have enabled our team to become prominent members of the premium finance community, members who are capable and prepared to assist you, or your clients, with their planning needs.

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