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Around that time, the need arose in the high net worth planning market for professionals to help facilitate these complex insurance strategies. In response, Vérité built a team possessing the specific experience in the life insurance and lending marketplaces required to execute such deals effectively.

With great support from insurance carriers, major banks, and producer groups who have also recognized a need in this space, Vérité has built a reputation as a leader and provider of exceptional life insurance strategies.

How Vérité differentiates itself to deliver your success

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of the individuals, businesses, and advisors that engage us. We believe that we can only achieve this goal through a firm-wide dedication to Premium Finance.

We build every engagement on a proven, ironclad process. Yet we approach each project open to any and all options (including whole life, indexed universal life, and universal life offerings) that will result in the bespoke plan that best achieves your goals.

Our volume affords us superior pricing and response time, with access to 10 or more banks at any given time. You benefit from a financing program that closes and delivers value sooner, more competitively, and more expeditiously.

The premium financing process often requires interaction and collaboration with a client’s accountant and/or attorney. Our founder built his insurance practice by servicing this community, and we can add value in these discussions.

Do you understand the process for moving a premium financed case through underwriting at the carrier level? We are approved with all the major insurance companies; our expertise in dealing with them will give you the highest probability of a successful close.

Vérité Group includes professionals with a focus on each level of premium financing transactions. Expect our full support with every aspect of the process.

For business owners, we can offer options that provide the insurance they need AND allow them to put more money to work in their organizations. We replace the need to pay full premiums with a much smaller outflow, thereby allowing you to take those premium dollars and invest them in your business.

Success breeds success. Vérité provides a suite of tools to help advisors make a compelling and trustworthy case for premium financing to their clients.

Who We Serve

Vérité Group provides its Premium Financing services directly to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and businesses. We are also a resource for their trusted insurance and financial advisors.

Our Values

Five core values comprise the unshakeable cornerstone of our practice and our never-ending commitment to a client-first mentality.

Our Process

A finely tuned, ironclad process that reliably and predictably results in your desired financial advantages.

Our Team

Passionately dedicated to our clients’ success, with collective premium finance experience surpassing 75 years.