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Iris-Lisa Seltzer, Verite Group's Director of operations

Director of Operations

Bringing several decades of office management experience in multiple industries around the New York City area, Iris has focused her entire career on creating a work environment that not only operates professionally, but is also safe and welcoming. She has accomplished this through various roles under the umbrella of a director of operations including human resources, events coordinator, and executive assistant to the presidents of several companies.

Iris began her career in music marketing for Capitol Records and later Rockbill, Inc., a marketing company that primarily focused on product placement and brand sponsorships within the music industry. She later changed direction to focus on advertising, where she spent 15 years at WKP Advertising, an agency specializing in high end travel and accommodations. During her tenure at WKP, Iris received a highly-coveted award for pro bono work she did with the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI), the largest hotel and travel awards competition in the industry.

The common denominator of every role Iris has worked in is acting as the personnel glue that holds the company together, in addition to making sure daily operations run as smoothly as possible. Upon relocating to Miami, Iris joined her husband, Michael as the office manager of Vérité Group, LLC., an elite Premium Finance firm. Now as director of operations she is intent on using her managerial skills to help grow the company, as well as create an environment that encourages employees to go beyond what they believe they are capable of, expanding what’s possible both internally and externally.

Why did you join the Vérité team?

I previously worked with the Vérité team during inception eight years ago, and recently rejoined the team as the business is growing again. I joined the team so that internal operations can run smoothly – from budgets and expenses, to administrative support and human resources – and allow the team to focus on what is needed for external growth.


What are most passionate about in your work?

In every role I work in, my goal is to create a welcoming environment – one where people enjoy coming to work.  In today’s world, we have people working both in the office and across the country, and my goal is to provide a human touch to the work place.  I enjoy having the opportunity to smooth out daily office operations, whilealso making sure that everyone feels important.


What does Expanding What’s Possible mean to you?

For me, ‘Expanding What’s Possible’ relates to leadership. This means helping employees to blossom and give them the opportunity to maximize potential to be their best, most powerful self.


Why is Truth and Transparency so important when working with a Premium Finance Professional?

Truth and Transparency takes on an internal meaning for me.  In order for Vérité to promote the external message of ‘Truth and Transparency,’ we make sure internal messaging is in alignment first. This takes place through our culture, communication and personal accountability.


What is your most rewarding client experience?

Although I don’t work directly with the end client, I love working with the network of staff that we interact with; whether a senior VP of a life insurance carrier or a supporting staff member, it feels incredibly rewarding to let people know how much we appreciate what they do and value the relationship.


When outside the office, where might I find you?

Outside of the office, you will find me visiting the beach, playing golf, playing a game or two of Mahjong or reading the next book for my book club.  I really enjoy the company of my husband Michael, and spending time with our four grandchildren.


Education and Accreditations

Certified in Office Management

Complete Curriculum of Landmark Forum