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Matt Levesque, Verite Group's Vice President, Premium Finance Case Design

Vice President, Premium Finance Case Design

As Vice President of Premium Finance Case Design, Matt brings a unique perspective and valuable industry experience to Vérité. In his current role, Matt works closely with Michael S. Seltzer and the sales team to design individualized cases for clients, present and communicate the solution to the parties involved, and also identify new marketing opportunities for individuals who may benefit from a premium finance transaction.

Throughout his career, Matt has spent time working in various sectors of the financial services industry, providing him with exposure to a myriad of people, products and strategies. Several career milestones for him include working with an advisory team under the umbrella of Wells Fargo Advisors, acting as an internal wholesaler for group insurance at SunLife, gaining first-hand startup experience while fundraising for a network of private equity and hedge funds, and most recently in distribution with Symetra, a major annuity and life insurance company.

Matt’s most recent role with Symetra allowed him to take a deep dive into the inner workings of product offerings and the investment options available, while also conducting market research to gather insight from competitors, specifically in the Indexed universal life and premium finance arena. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Bentley University, Matt has been a lifelong student of finance and the financial services industry. He also holds a Series 7 and Series 66 license.

In addition to staying active with learning new ideas and concepts in the financial services industry, Matt also enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym and cheering on his favorite basketball and football teams.


Why did you join the Vérité team?

I have worked in various sectors of insurance and financial services and have always had an interest in unique strategies that leverage multiple facets of financial services in order to help the client achieve his/her goals as efficiently as possible. That is exactly what premium finance does for the client. In fact, I was exposed to the intricacies of this type of transaction while working for a major insurance carrier and was heavily involved in case design, from the carrier side. I am fascinated by the various moving parts, each bringing their own layers of intricacies that need to be understood and communicated to multiple parties, including the client. With so many different pieces involved in this transaction, I look forward to consistently learning and expanding on ideas for better outcomes for our clients. I am thrilled to be working with Michael and the Verité team.


What are you most passionate about in your work?

I am most passionate about helping customers find the right solutions. With so many different people, platforms and mediums, there are so many different opinions available in today’s world. What we do at Verité is an art, not a science and I love the process of understanding where a client is currently, where they want to be, and then figuring out if the solutions and designs we offer are a fit or not.


What does Expanding What’s Possible mean to you?

For me, this means ‘thinking outside of the box’ and utilizing the different experiences and expertise of our team members to organize and present a solution that others may not have considered.


Why is Truth and Transparency so important when working with a Premium Finance Professional?

Truth and transparency is a top priority in any line of business, especially in financial services. In premium finance transactions, we are dealing with very large sums of money and many different parties which makes truth and transparency paramount. The multiple parties (which can in include a lender, insurance carrier and multiple professional advisors) bring a vast range of expertise to the transaction but can also make communication a challenge. Truth and transparency in dealing with multiple parties is essential and creates efficiencies within these transactions.


What is your most rewarding client experience?

Prior to joining Verité, I worked for a major insurance carrier and the most rewarding experience was developing the national sales strategy around the Indexed Universal Life product. We launched IUL University in 2019 and shared this educational content hundreds of times at conferences and regularly on scheduled webinars. The content was designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the performance variables within each respective product and highlight the differences so the advisor could choose the right product to best serve the client’s needs and risk profile.


When outside the office, where might I find you?

When I’m not working, you will find me staying active in the gym, lifting weights, doing cardio or playing basketball. In the summer, I spend as much free time at the beach or on a boat. I am also a die-hard Boston Celtics and New England Patriots fan and can be found cheering them on at a game or with a group of friends.


Education and Accreditations.

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Bentley University
Master’s Degree in Financial Planning, Bentley University
FINRA Licenses: Series 7, Series 66