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An annual review of your life insurance strategy is imperative.

Life circumstances and financial conditions are never etched in stone. If you’ve financed your life insurance premiums and have an outstanding loan, Vérité’s annual Life Insurance Premium Finance Review ensures that your strategy is actively managed to stay on track.

What Vérité’s “active management” means for you:

  • Your life insurance strategy continues to perform as designed.
  • Your strategy responds to changes in your goals and financial situation.
  • Your lending relationship continues to work for your financial advantage.
  • You have a constant advocate for your best interests

Find out if you can do better.

Choose from 2 engagement levels

Vérité Group provides a robust annual renewal process to our clients and makes these services available to non-Vérité-based transactions through the following two engagement levels:

Engagement Level 1

In-Force Premium Finance Review & Recommendation

Step 1: Up-to-date review (“Here’s where you stand today.”)
Step 2: Client discovery & goals review
Step 3: Vérité’s recommendation

Priced as a consultative service, billed hourly, and based on the scale and scope of the transaction.

Engagement Level 2

Implementation & Ongoing Review

Step 4: Implementation of recommendations
Step 5: Ongoing program review and maintenance.

Pricing will vary based on the specifics of each case and the implementation approach. Vérité will present pricing structure along with recommendation at close of Engagement Level 1.