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Premium Financing Isn't Just For Coastal Elites

Although coastal elites may be the major-league players in the credit-funded world, there is still a thriving opportunity for any business who understands and uses financing to transact. We recently teamed up with Dave and Matt Halvorson of Halvorson Company in Fargo, North Dakota, and found that while many local, privately held businesses in the Midwest not only operate using leverage, quite often to make large purchases, they don't always insure the individuals who help make the businesses run. With an understanding of the ebb and flow of financing to transact, locally owned business owners may be more open to the concept of leverage and arbitrage to enhance life insurance planning options.

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12 Ways to Avoid the Most Common Wealth Management Mistakes

Forbes Finance Council selected 12 members to provide insight on how to avoid costly mistakes which could affect how your money is managed and grown over time. Michael Seltzer explains the importance of coordinated goals and focusing on net returns when looking at overall wealth - both now, and for the future.

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12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Financial Literacy as a Business Owner

Every business owner should make financial literacy a part of their continuing education. Forbes Finance Council has organized an article featuring Michael's response to how business owners can enhance their knowledge and understanding of their finances and communicate transparently with a solid advisory team.

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Inaugural Premium Finance Academy

Vérité Group, LLC recently hosted the inaugural Premium Finance Academy for an exclusive and elite group of producers looking to further their knowledge in the world of premium finance. The Academy was led by Michael Seltzer, a Lion Street owner and founder of Vérité Group, LLC, and Nicholas Bowman, Relationship Manager of Vérité Group, LLC. Their firm specializes in bespoke premium finance designs to satisfy the needs of high to ultra-high...

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