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11 Strategic Topics To Cover At Your Next Meeting With Your Financial Advisor

Michael provided insights on what to ask your financial advisor (#6) in this Forbes Expert Panel Q&A.

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Are You Ready for Tax Reform?  Six Ways Your Business Can Prepare Now

With a great deal of confusion around what the new Tax Reform means to businesses, Forbes Finance Council has put together a collaboration of questions and answers to consider as we move forward into a new realm of tax laws.

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Eight Critical Questions To Ask A Financial Professional Before They Manage Your Money

Are you aware of the questions to ask an advisor before writing a check to have them manage your money? Forbes Finance Council assembled a collaborative article featuring Michael S. Seltzer's feedback.

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Ten Reasons All Premium Finance Firms Are Not The Same

Premium financing, to many advisors, is a relatively easy advanced market concept to understand: Using leverage, clients are able to buy the amount of life insurance they need, not just the amount they can afford.

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Premium Financing For Life Insurance: The Who, What And Why

We are honored to announce that Michael has been named to the Forbes Finance Council, and we invite you to check out his recent article published through Forbes online.

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AALU Webinar: Premium Financing Designs for Rising Interest Rates and Potential Tax Reform

Vérité’s Michael Seltzer will be joining AALU this month presenting a special webinar alongside Lion Street’s Michael Fontanini on Premium Financing Designs for Rising Interest Rates and Potential Tax Reform. The two presented together at last year’s Annual Meeting in what was voted as one of the top-ranked workshops. This month’s webinar, taking place on January 31, will focus on:

  • Methods for stress testing, mitigating risk, and managing client expectations in the premium financing...

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