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Premium Finance: Risks & Considerations

Are you aware of risks that may be up for consideration in doing a premium finance transaction? From personal risks, to loan and collateral risks, to systematic and unsystematic risks, we invite you to read our most recent article to learn what key factors to understand and consider.


Ten Reasons All Premium Finance Firms Are Not The Same

Premium financing, to many advisors, is a relatively easy advanced market concept to understand: Using leverage, clients are able to buy the amount of life insurance they need, not just the amount they can afford.™


Premium Financing for Life Insurance: The Who, What and Why?

You’ve heard the term Premium Finance, but you don’t know how it works. Learn the ins and outs of Premium Financing for Life Insurance including how it works, how it can benefit your clients, the ideal client profile and when Premium Financing would be preferable to other types of loan investment alternatives.


A Discussion About Premium Financed Life Insurance

Premium Financing is a strategy whereby a qualified borrower accesses 3rd party financing to pay for large life insurance premiums. Individuals and businesses can now obtain their desired amounts of coverage with minimal initial cash flow.


How Vérité Differentiates Itself

Nine ways Vérité has set itself apart as the Premium Finance experts and can help you and your clients expand what’s possible.


Case Study: Mr. Attorney

Mr. Attorney is a sole practitioner. He is age 53, planning on retiring at age 65. He has no partners, but several staff. He feels his staff is paid well and rejects the notion of providing them with significant retirement benefits other than a standard 401(k). He has reviewed several retirement options and has rejected most, primarily because his staff would have to be included.


CAGR: A Historical Perspective

The most frequent question we get from our clients is “What happens if the product doesn’t earn the illustrated rate of return?” We find that question is impossible to answer without looking back at the historical data as a point of reference. Attached are two examples from two different carriers.


How To Guard Against Interest Rate Increases

Clients often ask how they can protect themselves against an interest rate increase. The attached sample provides options for 4 different mechanisms one could utilize, based on a $1M premium and pricing as of 7/15/2016.


LIBOR Projections: Why Guess?

The attached charts show how LIBOR and the S&P 500 have performed over the last 25 years. This data can be helpful in explaining future projections of LIBOR and the policy itself.


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