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Advantages for you as well as your clients

The complexities of life insurance premium financing require unique, specialized knowledge. Furthermore, advisors must be able to clearly articulate the nuances of the premium financing process to their clients.

For these reasons, Vérité Group offers its Premium Financing Academy. These intensive, in-person workshops empower participants to authoritatively advocate the benefits of premium financing to their clients. Follow us on LinkedIn to get notifications of future PFA events.  

2 ways Vérité Group partners with advisors

1. Explore alternative payment structures for their clients’ life insurance plans.

Having established the amount of insurance their client requires, the advisor consults with Vérité Group for premium financing options that add flexibility to the client’s cash flow. In these cases:

  • The client has acknowledged the need for insurance.
  • The advisor has explored and presented traditionally funded insurance solutions.
  • The client’s insurance budget and financial profile (income, net worth, liquidity) are known.
  • The client’s medical insurability has been determined.

2. Establish the need and amount of insurance the client requires, and present solutions and recommendations alongside partner advisor when:

  • You are actively presenting premium financed life insurance strategies to your client, or
  • Your client may have a premium financed life insurance policy currently in-force and in need of review and maintenance.