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Personalized solutions for your life insurance needs

Equipped with an understanding of your unique situation, we analyze the broad range of available coverage and financing options. We then present the most suitable plans, clearly outlining the pros and cons of each.

Your comprehensive solution will balance the proper amount of insurance coverage for your planning needs with the most efficient financing approach to acquire the coverage. And because your needs and financial condition are always “subject to change,” we monitor your plan and suggest modifications to keep it on track.

Vérité Group’s premium financing solutions solve common wealth planning problems including:

Maximizing wealth transfer

Upon death, estates of high net worth clients may be subject to estate taxes, also known as death taxes. Life insurance can help provide the family with the liquidity needed to pay these taxes.

Solving for family dysfunction/family inequality

Clients with complicated family situations can use insurance strategies to control and equalize the legacy they pass on.

Review of existing premium financed life insurance transactions

Premium financed life insurance requires regular review and annual maintenance. Individuals often come to Vérité Group asking us to review their existing arrangement and offer recommendations as well as ongoing renewal maintenance.

Vérité Group helps business owners meet their challenges with:

Employee retention and executive bonus plans

Insurance packages can go far in retaining talented, valued associates and executives. We can help you custom-tailor cost-effective strategies.

Business succession planning

Protect the future of your business with buy-sell and keyperson insurance strategies.