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Why Vérité?

Often, when meeting us for the first time, clients and/or advisors will say, “Tell us a little about your firm.” Rather than immediately describing our services, our experience or our team, we simply reply, “We expand what’s possible for wealthy and ultra-wealthy individuals, families and business owners.”

Vérité serves as the preferred provider of customized Premium Finance strategies for high-net-worth individuals and companies seeking a plan specific to their goals and unique needs. We collaborate with a national network of advisors throughout the country, helping their clients take control of their hard-earned assets while securing the life insurance they need.

We couple our deep knowledge and expertise of sophisticated Premium Finance techniques with a boutique level of service, ensuring each client benefits from a specialized, personalized and high-end experience.

While we pride ourselves on being the Premium Finance experts for the insurance advisory community and their clients, it is our ability to bridge the complexities between life and wealth that we take the most pride in. The choice between life and wealth doesn’t need to be so complex. Instead, we believe you can simultaneously empower wealth today while securing wealth for tomorrow.

None Of Us Is As Powerful As All Of Us.

There is a very ancient legend about a wise old man who had seven sons. One day, he called his sons together and commanded that a bundle of sticks be brought in to him. Each son was given one stick and told to break it. This each did with ease. Then he took seven more sticks. And he bound them together. To each son in turn he gave the bound sticks but none could break them. “Individually,” said the father, “you are easy prey for your enemies. Together, you are invincible.”

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